What do you get when you mix the following:

  1. Power outage on Christmas morning
  2. Dead USB ports on Motherboard after power up
  3. Wife complaining that the scanner no longer works (due to dead USB)
  4. Trip to local computer store for new motherboard, SATA drive, and another 1GB of RAM
  5. Start OS install
  6. Walk out of the room
  7. Come back and all power to the box is dead
  8. Another trip to the local computer store
  9. for a new power supply
  10. 5 hours of OS and software install
  11. Go to bed
  12. Wake up and am greeted with the friendly BSoD
  13. Get a call from my mother-in-law asking why her email doesn't work (I'm hosting it for her)
  14. 5 Re-installs of the OS with random crashing half-way through the install process.
  15. Removal of new memory and all install succeeded
  16. Yet another trip to the computer store for a replacement RAM chip
  17. Replacing the chip an
  18. Another 4 hours of software installs/reboots
  19. Another call from mother-in-law asking why email isn't working
  20. Configuration of AntiVirus to allow port 25 traffic
  21. Wife complaining that the Den needs cleaning
a) One very sucky weekend.
b) Bank account $400 lighter.
c) New upgraded machine with: 650GBs of HD, 2GBRam, 2 Firewire, 8 USB, 8-Channel Surround Sound.
d) Promise to never do this again
e) Knowledge that option "d" will never hold up
f) All of the above