As with every job, we're tasked with managing several different projects at the same time. That means two things - that all of us on the DevCentral core team are very busy, and that all of us get to do some really cool stuff.


I suppose that's the differentiator with most jobs, the really cool stuff.


So as a sampling of why you sometimes don't hear from us as frequently as you'd like, here's a list for me at the moment...

1. Writing article abstracts - I volunteered for this one, I heard we were working on some articles in a space I'm intimately familiar with, so I volunteered to work on it.

2. The Blackberry interface - this is moving along, since it's not my only responsibility, it's not moving as fast as I'd like, but it's moving.

3. Eclipse interface - I took on working over our tools to work better with Eclipse, thus far there's some good progress, with windowing samples, etc. But there's work to do yet. This will actually be a longer-term, many phase project aimed long-term at complete integration.

4. Netbeans interface - making the iControl API work well out-of-the-box with Netbeans. This is nearly done.

5. Articles for DevCentral - we all have deadlines to meet, and I'm the guy with the stick to make certain they're met (I'm behind personally, but most everyone else is on-target).

6. I met for the first half of this week with the Global Marketing Team - this was interesting for me because I am not a marketer, so hearing what it takes to internationally roll out a product or solution was an educational experience.

For me, this is nearly the perfect job. I hop around, get to do a bunch of different things, and can self-direct to some extent. Of course, we have priorities like everyone else, but within those priorities I get to shuffle things around a bit.


I've got some decent learnings from the Eclipse and Blackberry projects, and we should start throwing some items up in the Labs section in the not-too-distant future. While we have always supported Open Source, there is more that we could be doing, and we're doing it.


We're also going to give some of our learnings back to the community. The kSOAP2 libraries we're using for the BlackBerry/MIDP program didn't handle our nested arrays of results well, so we're plugging in a fix and will submit it back to the kSOAP team - thus making things better for all of us. We can't sing the praises of the kSOAP team loud enough, they offer up a thorough but light-weight solution.


Until next I lift up my head...



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