We, like most of you, are involved in a number of projects at a given time, juggling our priorities to make sure we’re delivering on our commitments while not letting other commitments slide.

Our current top-priority project is the DevCentral China system that was launched not too long ago, we’re still in the documentation stage where we will offer you insights into how we managed to make our applications, hosted in North America, work well in China, and the pitfalls and pratfalls along the way.

I personally am also involved with our Business Development team doing some work with a partner, re-categorizing our documents to provide better feeds to our sister websites, and the very early stages of a project to help our Channel Partners communicate easier about F5 products. Needless to say, some days I shake my head and go “what project am I working on?”, but since I’m not the type of person who does well doing the same exact thing day after day after day – I get bored – this is pretty close to my dream job, and juggling the balls is just part of the territory.

You’re there too? Yeah, I figured that. IT is the land of many projects, and since most companies have cut budgets at this point, you’re likely doing more individually…

Just remember, as I do, that it is far better to have too much to do than not enough ;-).

Now, off to do some work on one of those projects. Likely the DC China project since we’re doing some updates for it in two days.

Oh yeah, and I have a Tech tip to crank out yet this week.

And I’m still having fun, hope you are too.


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