Last Thursday night Hal (@halr9000) and Jon (@jonwalz) over at the PowerScripting Podcast had me on their weekly podcast for episode #61.  Hal and Jon are both highly esteemed in the PowerShell community and I caught their attention with my recent PowerShell ABC's blog series.

During the interview, I discussed my personal background, F5, the BIG-IP product family, DevCentral, iControl, and our PowerShell implementation.  We ended up the interview going a bit more in depth with a few of my ABC posts including Generics, JavaScript, Synthetic Members.  If you listen long enough, you'll also find out what Superhero I would like to be.

Thanks Jon and Hal for having me on and also thanks to those in the chat room for the questions!

It was a blast and hopefully they'll have me on again sometime.  If you've got some free time, check out the podcast.