Ok, maybe I'm a bit behind on the curve as I've never used VMWare, but this technology just rocks! Here's my situation: I telecommute several times a week and, despite my title of Architect, I just can't get away from coding features (some big and some small). My development platform floats between .NET and Java on Windows and C++ and Java on Linux (or other Unix deviants). The problem is connectivity. I've got my main development platforms located in the office so when connectivity isn't possible (DSL line being down, on a flight, etc) I cannot work on coding tasks on Non-Windows platforms. I know, I know... I could install Linux on my laptop but then I'd have the reverse problem with not being able to hook into email and do my windows dev work. So, in an effort to try to be more productive, I pulled out my MSDN DVDs and installed MS Virtual PC on my WinXPPro laptop. I then added a VM with RedHat 9.0 so that I could have a full Unix build environment on my Windows machine. After only a few hiccups (Make sure you put 8MB for video memory or the screen rendering will be completely garbled) I was ready to roll. I pointed the VM's network adapter to my internal wireless NIC, and it just worked! My next hurdle was getting into my corporate network from a wireless connection on a Linux platform. No problem... As of version 5.0, our SSL-VPN FirePass now supports Linux and Mac clients! Where am I at now? I can do all my development work in parallel regardless of the platform without network connectivity! This TOTALLY ROCKS!!! Anyone else using Virtual PC or VMWare for development work? Happy coding... -Joe