You've been asking for a long time, and it's finally here: A place to discuss the finer points of traffic management network design & refine your understanding of the F5 product configuration options needed to support them.

We've built out a whole new DC topic area for Advanced Design & Config info:
    TechTips, tutorials, DCTV, blogs and other relevant contributions will roll up here, including links to:
        New Advanced Design & Config General Discussion forum
        New Advanced Design & Config wiki
        New CodeShare adds: custom profiles and configs

We've also enhanced our coverage of Monitoring & Management topics:
    Contributions to this area are still found here, which now also includes links to
        New Monitoring & Management forum
        New Advanced Design & Config wiki (Monitoring and Management topics are a subset of the new ADC space)
        New CodeShare adds: custom monitors and EM application deployment templates

We've started with just a few topics each in the wiki and CodeShare, and you'll see more added each week. Take a look, contribute, post a question, comment, let us know what topics you'd like to see here.

I'll also be posting a brief tutorial shortly showing how to post a question, share something you've done, or edit a wiki page to add your input or clarify the existing content based on your experience.

See you soon in a forum near you!