F5 has updated a specialized ASM template to simplify the configuration process of SharePoint 2016 with the new version of BIG-IP 13.x

Click here to access the .zip file that contains the template:  SharePoint 2016 ASM Template for BIG-IP v13.x

Goal: The template is set to "blocking" from Day One and is tuned to the SharePoint 2016 environment.

Readiness Period: The template is set to "staging" for positive technology elements such file types/urls/parameters and headers, before switching to "blocking". The ASM will advise you to switch to "blocking" from "staging" when the readiness period is over.

Note: DataGuard and WebScraping modules are set to "alarm" in order to make sure no false positives are received before switching to "blocking".

Please note that the ready template policy is a base poilicy which you can tune it based on your needs

Important: If the policy is not working properly, please ensure you are using the latest version.  If you have any issues or questions, please send any feedback to my email: n.ashkenazi@f5.com