PoW_opener In case you missed it, last week Colin & I kicked of a new DCTV Series- "Post of the Week".   Each week we'll be choosing a forum post to discuss for 5 minutes or so, in front of a whiteboard or admin interface if necessary, hopefully revealing a bit more detail about the scenario in question than the forum format typically allows.

In the inaugural episode for the series, we chose a post that showcased a couple of common issues folks might encounter when setting up applications on LTM, the first of which turned out to be a red herring.  We talked about some of the confusion the poster seemed to have encountered, and kicked around some things to think about whenever you're troubleshooting stateful application configuration on LTM.  Check out the first episode here: LTM: Persistence & Pool Member State.

Have you seen or posted a topic we should delve into on "Post of the Week"?

Posters and lurkers alike are welcome to contribute: If you'd like to nominate your post or someone else's as a Post of the Week candidate, send me the link to your post and tell me why you think we should talk about it.  It doesn't need to have been posted this week, just still relevant.  Who knows, you might get, oh, I dunno, some cool F5 / DevCentral swag in your mailbox if your submission is selected...