When we launched DevCentral almost three years ago, our goal was to provide an online resource where application and network professionals could learn how to build better solutions to IT challenges with F5 technology. We also wanted to build a community where peers could collaborate, share their experiences, develop better IT strategies, and have some fun along the way. With over 9,000 members worldwide, we continue to be amazed at the great forum posts, sample collaboration, and community-driven innovation we see every day!

In our efforts to expand the possibilities, we’ve got some exiting new DevCentral additions we think you’ll enjoy.

The iRule Editor
This new Editor, available for free download, is a significant step forward for iRules development. While we know some of you may still prefer Vi or Notepad, the rest will dig some of the cool features the iRule Editor provides that make it faster and easier to build, test, and deploy iRules. Check out the tutorials, watch the video tour, and download it today. And, let us know what your favorite feature is!

Firepass SSL/VPN Customization
Firepass offers a better alternative to secure remote access over existing IPSec VPN technology. In addition to offering leading out-of-the box features, Firepass also offers a wide range of customization options. We’re excited to be expanding DevCentral to include them. From customizing GUIs to advanced scripting for granular endpoint security policies, DevCentral covers it. To learn more about the specific areas covered by DevCentral, check out the Wiki. If you have questions, post them in the new Forum area dedicated to Firepass Customization. If you have some great samples, post them as well.

DCTV and iTunes
When we rolled out DCTV last September, we honestly had no idea how popular it would be. Over 8 months and tens of thousands of views later, we’re expanding the topics we cover with DCTV. We’re also expanding the ways we reach viewers. Because so many people have the ever-pervasive iPod, we’ve decided to syndicate our DCTV videos through iTunes now including security experts and topics as well as the usual suspects. Now, you can download the latest DCTV to your video iPod and get the latest dose of technical TV wherever your travels take you. You'll laugh, you'll cry.. you'll maybe even learn a new iRule command or two.

We hope that you enjoy this latest round of additions to DevCentral. Thanks for participating in the DevCentral community and let us know if and how we can better serve you moving forward. While we may host the site, it's your community. Get involved and let us know what will make it even better.