Everyone knows one, the person with a ton of great information in their head and difficulty getting it from brain to mouth without a zillion side-tracks.

Put three or five or seven of these people in one room for a meeting, and you get a totally non-productive environment.

Being an empowerment specialist – or just a guy that writes funny blogs on Fridays, you decide which – I have devised the perfect rule that will eliminate the egg timer and the “talking stick” from your conference rooms…

The Twitter Meeting Rule! You must make all of your statements in 140 characters or less, then you have to STFU and let someone else talk.

You will free up conference rooms because meetings will be much shorter, your staff will be more productive because they’re only saying the important bits…

Or your meeting rooms will be full all of the time because your staff is trying to condense important topics into short phrases, your staff will be less productive because key people skip meetings or are always in them, progress will come to a halt…

Of course, I’ve worked in organizations where no meetings would be a productivity increaser ;-).

So there you have it, whether it’s a good idea or a bad idea, it’s a winner!

Your lucky day, I’m here to advise you. Now go forth and be more productive. Or enjoy your Friday, either way. I’ll be on a plane after a long week of meetings.