If you're running SAP software in your company, there's a good chance you've made a significant investment in making employees more productive. However, I've seen too many companies spend a ton of money on software and then forget that predictably secure application access and reasonable performance are instrumental in users getting value from the solution. It's like spending a bunch of cash on a speedy new PC and then... forgetting that you need power to run it. Or, a car with 600 horsepower and spellbinding looks... with no transmission. At some point, simply getting the app to the users can be a critical factor. (I say "simply" because to most, it is. But, there really are some tricks to doing it well.)

F5's work with SAP is significant because it addresses this need: to enable reliably secure, fast access to powerful applications based on SAP technology. While we invest significant time working closely with partners like SAP to build the most widely applicable solutions, there are bound to be countless other ways people do this. That's where the new Forum comes into play. Rarely are these types of solutions deployed identically. The new forum makes it easy for those of you in the community using SAP to connect with your peers and share best practices and ideas you've implemented.

Take a look, post your questions, answers, or even share what has worked well for you. And, check out what one of F5's experts - Nojan - has to say about it!

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