My SmartPhone arrived last Thursday night so I've had a few days to get used to it. Here's a few pros/cons that I've got so far. Pros: * The Form Factor is perfect. It balances very well in your hand. * Great battery life. I've gotten used to charging my iPAQ twice a day. This device lasts days on end without a recharge. * Charging is done via USB! * Mono AND Stereo headphone adaptors. * UI is very intuitive. I thought that navigation would be tricky, but they've done some great things with autocomplete that are really cool. * Speed/Voice dial for Phone Numbers and App Launching. * ActiveSync over the air! * No visible antenna. Cons: * 2002 OS (I'd have hoped they would have supported the current 2003 version.) * Lack of apps. I'm hooked on audio books and Audible doesn't have a player for the Smartphone yet! * No built-in camera (although I've heard rumors of an accessory soon) * Black case helps with a ton of fingerprints. * Customization of Program Files doesn't seem to be there. * Pocket-Office apps not included (word, excel, etc). There aren't even any viewers so you need to rely on 3rd party products. I'm sure more will come up but overall I believe it will be a very useful tool to get my job done. I'm working on getting the SmartPhone SDK installed so I can start playing with some apps. I'd be interested in ideas anyone has... -Joe