#cloud #virtualization A complete #VDI delivery solution – from end-to-end.

One of the advantages of cloud computing is the notion of all the infrastructure necessary for delivering an application is at your fingertips. There's no need to cobble together the various compute, network, and storage resources necessary – it's all available at the push of a button (or three). Even a private cloud computing environment is not as compelling in terms of providing the "infrastructure in a box" scenario promised by public cloud computing, as it's still necessary to acquire and integrate all the disparate components that go into building out such an infrastructure.

Some data center providers like NetApp have come up with the data center equivalent of public cloud's easy button, offering a complete solution in a "box" (or in this case, a "rack").

“FlexPod™, jointly developed by NetApp and Cisco, is a flexible infrastructure platform composed of pre-sized storage, networking, and server components. It’s designed to ease your IT transformation from virtualization to cloud computing with maximum efficiency and minimal risk.”

-- NetApp FlexPod Data Sheet

Missing from NetApp's offering, however, is delivery infrastructure – those application-focused components providing security, optimization, acceleration and consistency of end-user experience necessary for end-user adoption of VDI solutions like VMware View 5.0.

That's where F5 comes into the picture, providing essential application delivery services for VMware View such as secure remote access, load balancing, acceleration and optimization. If FlexPod makes it easier to dynamically manage resources supporting these applications then adding an F5 application delivery tier to the mix will ensure those resources and the user experience are optimized.

F5 enhances VMware View 5.0 on NetApp FlexPod with: big-ip-flex-pod

  • Increased Capacity

    Offloads CPU-intensive processes from virtual servers, freeing up resources and increasing VM density and application capacity

  • Improved Performance

    Accelerates end-user experience using adaptive compression and connection pooling technologies

  • Transparent and Rapid Scalability

    Deployment of new virtual server instances hosted in FlexPod can be added to and removed from  BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager (LTM) virtual pools to ensure seamless elasticity

  • Automated Disaster Recovery

    F5 BIG-IP Global Traffic Manager (GTM) provides DNS global server load balancing services to automate disaster recovery or dynamic redirection of user requests based on location.

  • Accelerated Replication Traffic

    BIG-IP WAN Optimization Manager (WOM) can improve the performance of high latency or packet-loss prone WAN links.NetApp replication technology (SnapMirror) will see substantial benefit when customers add BIG-IP WOM to enhance WAN performance.

Marrying F5 application delivery services with a VMware View 5.0 on NetApp FlexPod solution will yield significant benefits in terms of resource utilization, cost reductions, and address critical components of operational risk without introducing additional burdens on already overwhelmed IT staff.

Additional Resources: vmworld-sm

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