#vmworld #virtualization #VDI #SDN After another day of presentations, discussions and whiteboard artistry, here are the top 5 from the show today

1. The keynote from Steve Herrod had some pretty impressive (if prerecorded) demonstrations of VMware’s continuing push into end user computing. Using technology from VMware’s Wanova acquisition we were shown the ability to upgrade, backup, restore and virtualize a desktop while keeping user data and applications in place. That ability to capture, store and decompose a machine image into layers (drivers, o/s, profile etc.) should let IT admins deal with almost any portability requirement or user ‘event’. It was cool stuff that made for a great demo but was also timely reminder that security controls need the full context of network traffic to be effective. When a user’s location, IP address or device can so easily change, relying on any one factor really isn’t enough. Your security layers need to know who the user is, what device they are using, where they are and, if possible, what’s happening at the application layer before effective protection can be enforced.

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2. Accessing your desktop from a tablet is one thing but you’re then faced with the frustrating challenge of actually using a windows interface on a gesture based device. Enter VMware user interface virtualization, where your swipes, taps and finger ballet can suddenly control a more traditional point and click GUI. It looks like this could seriously enhance the user experience, and drive the uptake of View solutions on non-pc devices.


3. Kudos goes to VMware’s Director of Marketing Jonathan Gohstand for giving a pretty solid explanation of how F5 will integrate into vShield Manager during his presentation “Software Defined Networking and Security: The Here and Now”. Based on the number of attendees photographing the F5 slides, this generated a lot of interest from the audience. Drop by stand #1101 to learn more or take a look at some of the details here. The session also included a great case study by Srinivas Nimmagadda who explained how Intuit had made a 3 x CAPEX improvement and a 4 x VM density improvement by leveraging templates and automation to create a self-service, scale-on-demand internal hosting environment.

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4. Some of the most interesting moments in the show come from the attendees rather than the presenters. During the “Applications Security with Rob Randell” group discussion session there was a poll surveying what security models the attendees were using in their virtualized environments. There were five to vote on, but no mention of the application firewall. It’s probably fair that vendors keep quite at this point but luckily the omission was quickly pointed out by one of the group who highlighted the need for robust defense at the application layer with some colorful language. As an aside, the polls from the session showed that nearly every attendee had some regulatory compliance requirements, even if there wasn’t always a consensus about the best way to meet them.

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5. The buzz on the F5 stand today has been all about VMware View. F5 View solutions enable a single namespace across multiple vmworld-smpods and keep users connected irrespective of device and location. As more organizations adopt View, their scale and availability needs are going to drive the use of multiple sites and View pods. At the same time the user interface virtualization we saw in the keynote today will encourage users to access View desktops from a wider range of devices. Combine the two and it’s clear that users are going to need a secure, consistent and optimized connection to their desktops no matter where they are, what device they are using and without ending up offline due to site failure. The state of the whiteboard and the wide eyed stares of the F5’ers on the stand is testament to how interesting customers are finding that proposition. Fortunately Paul Pindel from F5 and VMware’s Tommy Walker will have all the answers for you tomorrow at 10:00 am in their session “Enhancing the User Experience for Multi-Pod VMware View Deployments” in Moscone South, room 307.

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Finally the best quote of the day has to be “it’s the exact same vision, but this year we’re delivering on it”

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