In my pre E3 reading this year I was excited to read about the big consoles that were coming out (or already released in the Xbox360's case) and the things that I could expect to come down the gaming pipeline in the coming months. Like a large portion of the news reading populous, I chuckled when I read the name for Nintendo's new "Revolution" console was going to be "Wii" (pronounced "we"). Nintendo is apparently bent on proving to the gaming community that whatever it's called, it's going to rock. It's certainly kicking butt, and taking names so far at E3.

I think Nintendo's approach is a good one, personally. Make a gaming console that's meant to do just that, game. By doing so, you can focus on a particular aspect of the system and make it polished, while keeping the overall unit price affordable. Sony and Microsoft's offerings tout high-def video and glitzy features, but they're also at least twice as expensive as Nintendo's Wii. I've already got a DVD player...that's not what I'm looking to buy. If I'm going out to buy a console...I want it for gaming, period.

Once you've got that base idea in mind, start fleshing it out with things like motion sensitive controllers, game titles from franchises we all know and love, etc. The last, and often times overlooked ingredient in a console's desirability to me, is the level of overall polish the system has. Do things work as they're intended? Are there enough games available at release? Does it overheat? Is it loud? Does it break after three months? While we might have to wait to find out that last one...initial reports on the Wii experience are quite positive.

Heck, it's the underdog, and it's completely dominating the show at E3. Four hour wait times? Lines 2000 people deep? Poor Sony has about 1/6th that kind of traffic...and they're supposed to be the "big dog". What does that tell you? Fluff doesn't cut it, Sony. Put out a solid product, for a decent price, and stop trying to entice us with your HD DVD format. We don't care, honest. I haven't been excited about a console in a long time. But I just mind find a slot in my AV setup for a Wii when they drop. ;)