Old habits die hard

My car pool was parked in the "Mercer Mess" the other day, looking to get thru traffic. We found a better way last week, but the driver's autopilot kicked in and got us right back in the same old mess. BP was complaining that 8 years of training to use Mercer had kicked in, and overridden his new route.

Network gear is the same way. Example: there are a *bunch* of new features to enable in the 6.0 branch of firepass, but haven't had time, and the old way works ok.

The latest version of the standalone Firepass device, 6.0.3, has one feature that might get me around that: preinspection export and import. This is going to enable me to start over, in dev, and build new policies from scratch, test them, and deploy to multiple clusters. I'm so excited! (Yes, I'm also a Firepass geek. What do you want?)

DHCP relay, GP Anywhere, Java App Tunnels and Terminal Services clients. Lots of good stuff. But being able to cleanly 'recreate the wheel' from 3 years of lessons learned is going to make my prelogin inspection policy better, by far.