As a vendor, I don't have a pass to get into the sessions here at Oracle Open World, but I spent Tuesday going from building to building, checking out what was available. I made some enquiries to see if anyone was working that I knew from my magazine days, but there are few enough people I knew floating around.

There is a lot here, vendor-wise. Oracle performs so many functions that supporting companies range from Pillar Data (whom some Oracle execs originally funded) doing storage to a Geospacial company to Symantec.

The highlight of my day was dropping by the increasingly ill-named Oracle Book Store. It was less than 50% books, but that turned out good for me, since one of the things they had was an oracle child's T-Shirt with Tux on it. If you frequent any boards I do, you know that my avatar is Tux in armor. Well I got a tiny little child's T-Shirt with the Oracle unbreakable Tux for Lori and I's Coming Attraction.

I also snagged the Oracle JDeveloper 10g Handbook. There are some things I will be working on in the next 8 months or so (you'll see it eventually!) that require me to stretch a bit in the JDeveloper space, so I perused the book and decided it had the info I needed, or at least in some cases a start to that information.

Today will be wrap-up day for me, I'm flying home late tonight, so likely you won't be hearing from me tomorrow. I'm planning on hanging around the booth some today and picking up some customer info - what are they struggling with etc.

Until next time.