I'm just back to work after an extended 4th of July holiday weekend, and what a weekend it was...

  • Friday, July 1st: Wake up; feed the kids; pack the car; head out to Whidbey Island for a gathering of a bunch of old high school friends; cross on the Mukilteo-Clinton ferry; get settled into a newly renovated guest house on their mothers 50 acre farm; go back to friends house; chow on a taco dinner; watch Star Wars III (The un-cut 3+ hour version. don't ask me how...); get the kids to bed; go to sleep.
  • Saturday July 2nd: Waffle Breakfast; hike through the farm; leftover tacos for lunch; guys watch the kids while the wives hit the spa and shop; kids watch Star Wars III again; we host a BBQ dinner with burgers and dogs supplied by the good old guys at Costco; hang out; drink; pick up soccer in the back yard; drink more; head back to the farm; go to bed.
  • Sunday July 3rd: Get up at 5:30 with my 5 month old daughter who refuses to go back to sleep; consume endless cups of coffee; pancakes and eggs for breakfast once everyone else wakes up; watching my step while on a hunt for cows on the farm; pick and eat very tart apples off the numerous apple trees; head to Freeland for lunch at the Freeland Cafe; hit Double Bluff beach; play pickle and frisbee; climb a massive sand hill on one of the cliffs; eat cookies; go back to farm and shower up; consume way too much pizza; say goodby to friends; pack and head home.
  • Monday July 4th: Wake up to the realization we didn't unpack the car the night before; start unpacking the car; stuff cereal down the kids; finish unpacking the car; decorate the boys bikes for the annual Montrachet (division where I live in Sammamish, WA) parade lead by the local yuppie Harley-Davidson club members; ride through the neighborhood; eat popsicles after the ride; local Fire Fighters arrive with a ladder truck; get pictures of the kids "driving" the rig; get soaked when the fire fighters decide it's a good idea to whip out their fire hoses and blast the cul-de-sac; head back home to relax; unload our stockpile of explosives from Costco (small stuff); kids start making a huge mess of the cul-de-sac; adults make more of a mess with the rockets (which I've heard were illegal in Sammamish - shhhh, don't tell anyone); sweep up remains of show from the cul-de-sac; go inside; watch Fear Factor; and pass out...
  • Tuesday July 5th: Hertz rental arrives at 7:15 with a Track Excavator that wasn't supposed to be there before our contractor; watch our back yard getting torn up by the excavator in preparation for the foundation of our new room addition behind the garage; check email and answer a few DevCentral posts; go out to lunch and make a Costco run (gee, I should own some stock in Costco with all the shopping I do there); fire up the grill for some steaks; play Star Wars Monopoly (my boys, 6 and 9, are into Star Wars as much as I am!); go to bed!
  • Wednesday July 6th: Wake up; look into the pile of dirt in the backyard left over from the yesterdays excavation (hoping it will all be gone when I get home); off to the gym to workout; a quick stop at Starbucks; and finally back to work...

Whewwww. I need another vacation!


[Listening to: I Love You Much Too Much - Carlos Santana - Dance of the Rainbow Serpent (04:46)]