Okay, I know I haven’t been posting as much as normal for quite a while now… Trust me, I still have plenty to say, my mind has just been wrapped up in special projects and editorial calendars.

Meanwhile, Pete Silva, one of our Technical Marketing Managers, has been out at Oracle Open World and has been getting tons of great video for us.

Since they’re coming fast and furious, this post is just to make certain you saw them. He gets some great insight into both F5 and Oracle products, and knows how to keep it short-and-sweet, so they’re worth the time.

Here’s the list so far.

Oracle OpenWorld – A Welcome from Pete Silva

Oracle OpenWorld – Pre-Show Preparations With the F5 Team

Oracle OpenWorld – A View from the F5 Booth

Oracle OpenWorld – Interview with Andy Ohler

Oracle OpenWorld – Interview with Calvin Rowland

Oracle OpenWorld – Interview with Ron Carovano

Oracle OpenWorld – A RAC Connection Management Solution with Chris Akker

I admit that I haven’t yet watched all of them (working on it, other stuff going on too), but if you only have time for one, and you use Oracle RAC, check out the last one with Chris Akker. Good stuff there.

Peter has been driving much of the multi-media content on DevCentral of late, but this is out-doing himself, with a constant stream of 5-7 minute high-quality videos including interviews with everyone from SEs to VPs. No matter your interest level, he’s got you covered.

More to come…

But while you’re waiting (you are waiting, right?), don’t forget to check out Pete’s blog post on Oracle Access Manager. Combined with the interview with Chris Akker, the two give you a peek into where Oracle and F5’s partnership is going. Or at least into two pieces of where we’re going. There’s more, that’s the “wait” part.

Until next time,