Well, I spent my third and final day at Oracle Open World hanging out around our booth and listening to what attendees were asking about, and what answers they were getting. I'm hearing more and more of ISP and Hosting companies looking for automation. Good news for us, we can help with that problem.

Since this was Oracle Open World, "how can you speed our apps?" seemed to be the question of the day, and Patrick Chang seemed to have all the answers. I listened in as he helped out a couple of customers, and realized that there's still a lot out there for me to learn. No surprise there, I hadn't touched some of our web-based acceleration technologies when I came to F5, so no reason to expect I would be expert in them overnight. And if you've read Patrick's WebAccelerator Fundamentals document here on DevCentral, then you are aware that him having plenty of answers about App Acceleration is no surprise either.

All-in-all, Oracle Open World was a good show. Oracle put a lot into it to make it a success, I got to hear televised bits of some keynotes, was able to talk to competitors, customers, and software vendors, and picked up some learning materials.

Now I'm ready to dive back in. I've got a lot on my plate, and with the holidays coming know that time is precious.

So with that, I'm back to what it is I do, which this week is some minor tweaks to the Blackberry client so that we can get it into your hands.


/reading: D-Day with the Screaming Eagles, Koskimaki

/imbibing: I took the red-eye home. Coffee, lots of coffee