There has been a lot written about the merits of blogging in a business environment. There are even reports from major consulting firms advising companies how to deal with them. Our approach is pretty straight forward. We follow basically the same philosophy that we use for our Competitive Analysis Team's efforts: be Open, Honest and Repeatable. A contrived effort will result in low value for the reader.

I like what I call "shaky hands productions" of things like Microsoft's Channel 9 video blogs where people have a chance to see the unpolished version of the story directly from those who are making things happen. It's not always pretty but it is open and honest. Channel 9 just posted an interview Robert Scoble did here with some of our folks a few weeks ago. Are there things that I wish they would have explained differently or highlighted that weren't mentioned? Yes. Is doing stuff on camera tough? You bet! Do I think they did a great job? Absolutely!

We recently started making our own "shaky hands production" videos available on DevCentral. I look forward to building up many more interviews of F5 employees, partners and customers who all have interesting stories about how F5 impacts their universe so others can have an open and honest view of what F5 can do for them.