Fair warning, my Friday posts are lighter, and will continue to be as long as I think I’m funny. If you’re here for work, move along, nothing to see here.

When you’re a child of a geek family, if you show signs of interest in technology the jokes start going around about job offers. Lori and I’s mothers both programmed – mine with punch cards, hers in COBOL – we are both programmer/network/gaming geeks, so of course our kids get “job offers”.

At 12, Korey was mastering Visual Basic, and we were meeting with Novell. Someone from Novell joked “have him call us in 10 years, we’ll get him an internship”. He’s 22 this summer, and about to graduate with his Comp Sci degree, perhaps we should have him call ;-).

Now, since Nathaniel is a year old and has mastered using a glidepad and hitting single keys, Lori’s boss Ken is joking about hiring him when he’s ready to take on the responsibility. I’ve struggled with this, you see, Nathaniel is looking into all of his options, and I’m trying to determine how best to let the poor man know that his team isn’t the only position Nathaniel is considering.

Of course, I don’t want to give away his secrets, but I can’t write a post about the boy without including pictures of him, right?

Hopefully he can mature enough to make a decision before Ken finds out who the competition is…