This weekend tons of people will be headed to San Francisco to attend Oracle Open World, and as usual, F5 will be there.

We’ve been burning the midnight oil with Oracle on quite a few projects, and over the next few weeks – perhaps even months, since our partnership goes back to 2001 and we here at DevCentral haven’t been keeping you up to date on all the new developments - we’ll be giving you hints tips and tricks to get the most from your Oracle and F5 investments.

This sounds like we’re going to be giving you the marketing schmooze, but honest, we’re not. We’re going to be talking about implementation guides and real-world iRules, and tested configurations. Because that’s what we do at DevCentral.

So we have a list and we have people set to write about them, we just have to wait for the things we’re writing about to be finalized, and meanwhile, Pete Silva is going to be at Oracle Open World with several other great F5 guys, pop by the booth and say “hi”, or if you’re not attending, watch DevCentral for updates from Pete.

Of course, Oracle isn’t the only thing we’re doing, and it’s not all we’ll be talking about, but I’ve seen the crystal ball, and our upcoming Oracle coverage is certainly going to be exciting.