Exorcising your digital demons


Most people are familiar with Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Macbeth. Of particularly common usage is the famous line uttered repeatedly by Lady Macbeth, “Out, damn’d spot! Out, I say” as she tries to wash imaginary bloodstains from her hands, wracked with the guilt of the many murders of innocent men, women, and children she and her husband have committed.

It might be no surprise to find a similar situation in the datacenter, late at night. With the background of humming servers and cozily blinking lights shedding a soft glow upon the floor, you might hear some of your infosecurity staff roaming the racks and crying out “Out, damn’d bot! Out I say!” as they try to exorcise digital demons from their applications and infrastructure. 

Because once those bots get in, they tend to take up a permanent residence. Getting rid of them is harder than you’d think because like Lady Macbeth’s imaginary bloodstains, they just keep coming back – until you address the source.