I’m heading out today for a little time off and so you’ll have to make due the rest of the week without any (new) words of wisdom from me. I know, try to pull yourself together. You’ll live, really, and I’ll be back Monday with something interesting, promise.

While I’m out, you might consider checking out some of the blogs I follow myself on a regular basis. They’re always full of interesting tidbits and stories and wisdom on a variety of subjects, and if you don’t follow them yourself you might find something interesting in them.

So happy reading, and have a great weekend when you get to it!

The Virtual DC

Our very own Alan Murphy keeps you on your toes with everything virtualization. He’s also a bit of a security nut. Okay, he’s a lot a security nut, and if it’s security and virtualization, well…Alan is my go-to-guy when I have technical questions about the two worlds colliding.

Pete Silva

Our very own Pete Silva chimes in on security and compliance. Pete’s entertaining – he’s got a style all his own and a voice made for podcasting/audio. He’s the voice behind our audio whitepapers, if you were wondering.

Ken Salchow

Hey, he’s my boss, for crying out loud. Gots to have his blog in here. His perspective is unique having been an engineer once that’s now, as he would say, a pointy haired boss. He’s not, but he likes to use the excuse, methinks.

Don MacVittie

My other half. Don won’t be posting either (I’m taking him with me) but he has a great series on load balancing for developers and his opinions on storage and file virtualization are top notch.

Colin Walker

If you need to know anything – and I do mean anything – about iRules then Colin is your man. This guys speaks fluent iRule, and I think he’s using iRule commands to train his new puppy. Seriously.


Some old (and new, too) friends over at BitCurrent keep you, well, current on application performance, cloud computing, and a variety of WebOps issues.


What can one say but “Jeff Atwood”. Programming and coding with an attitude. Always informative, usually irreverent and entertaining.

DataCenter Knowledge

Rich Miller keeps me up to date on everything data center. And I mean everything. He just never stops with the info.

Infrastructure 2.0

Hey, if you’re interested in emerging data center models, cloud, dynamic infrastructure, and the like then you’ve got to keep this one in your reader. It’s not just one guy, it’s several from across the infrastructure industry including InfoBlox, Cisco, VMWare, and (shameless plug), F5.

Rational Survivability

Who can ignore Hoff? Even now that he works for the Empire (Cisco) he’s still an entertaining and informative read that will certainly keep you on your toes in matters related to cloud and security – and sometimes other random bits.

InfoSec Ramblings

Kevin Riggins keeps me up to date every week with his “Interesting Information Security Bits”. Succinct, digestible, and important happenings in the information security community.

Layer 8

I just realized I don’t know @shrdlu’s real name. Hunh. In any case, he writes some very interesting, thought provoking stuff. He’s also got an attitude about security, so that makes him an interesting read. And if you get a chance, he loves to be insulted on #rudethursday on Twitter. So go ahead, follow him, and tweak his nose tomorrow. Tell him @lmacvittie sent you.


I could keep going. Seriously. The list in my feed reader is really too long to enumerate here (I do read the whole Internet every day) but hopefully if you haven’t read any of these in the past you’ll find something interesting to keep you going while you pine away for me to write something new (you are pining away, right? RIGHT?)

Have a good one!

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