This year's E3 holds much promise. With systems dropping from each of the Big3, not to mention the already copious quantaties of gaming goodness, drool is induced on many levels.

If you haven't heard of E3, then you're probably not much into the Video Gaming world. Conversely, if you are interested in the video gaming world, you've probably been drooling over this years E3 offerings for some time now. That is, of course, during the times in which you weren't trying to weasel your way into E3.

Every year the Gaming Gods see fit to present us with the Electronic Entertainment Expo. This gargantuan convocation of technological wizardry is a legend unto itself. Many a geek have traveled the harrowed path which leads to this sacred electronicly enhanced phenomenon, only to be irrevocably consumed by the grandeur held within. Never again were these rueful bretheren seen, the gravitation was simply overwhelming.

While E3 induced dissapearances are few and far between, this is a cause of much wonderment to me personally, due to the pangs of desire I feel from deep within the core of my gaming, geeky soul to merely be present at such an event. This year's gathering should prove to be particularly interesting due to the fact that Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft will demonstrate their "next generation" platforms (PS3, Wii, and Xbox 360 respectively) simultaneously. Wired News has a good article detailing some of the more intricate details.

To garner a bit of understanding as to the size of the events which I'm detailing, I'd recommend these images for your perusal.

Maybe one year I'll actually be able to make the journey myself. Until then, I continue to look on in awe and wonderment, and dream sweet dreams of games and electronic goodies to come.