techtipfromcar A while back Jeff threw out a question on forums asking about where you have "firepassed" from.  I'll throw up my latest example. 

Last Tuesday was very hectic for me, I had meetings and internal training at the office in Seattle in the morning and had to get back to home in Sammamish by 2:40 for a physical therapy session (I've got a pinched nerve in my neck that I've been treating for the last month or so if you are interested).  Anyway, at about 1:15 I had an idea about a tech tip for DevCentral, so I plugged in my headset, fired up Camtasia, and started recording.  That took about 5 minutes and afterwards, I had Camtasia export the recording into a raw AVI file that I fed into my custom video transcoding "blender" process that spits out FLV, MP4, WMV, and MP3 versions.

At 1:30 the transcoding was still running and I had to leave to make it in time for my appointment.  Traffic was very light and I got there by 2:10 and while I was sitting in the parking lot, I got to thinking what I was going to do for the next 20 minutes before my appointment.  Then I thought about the transcoding process I left running.  Why not finish the publication of the tech tip from there?  I fired up my laptop, plugged in my Verizon Modem, connected to our corporate FirePass with the VPN Tray Client, and connected to my desktop with the Remote Desktop Connection app on my laptop.  With a the help of PowerShell, I uploaded the videos to our media server and then logged into DevCentral to create the textual content for the tech tip.  At 2:25 I clicked submit on the article and it was posted just in time to make it into my appointment (with 5 minutes to spare).

I think about all the products I used for this process: Vista, Logitech Headset, Camtasia, PowerShell, Windows Media Encoder, ffmpeg, Wireless modem, FirePass, VPN Tray Client, Remote Desktop, and FireFox - all for that little tech tip.  Hope you enjoy it!