The folks at PDXLAN are using Link Controller to turn 16 6-8mbs cable modem links into one monster pipe for their gaming tournament!

Gotta love these guys - the tournament goes 24 hours a day for 4 days straight.  Some handy tips from the event rules section include:  

7. What about sleep ?
PDXLAN runs 24-7 for four days. If sleep is needed, remember sleep is not permitted in the conference room OR in your car at anytime. You must go to the hotel to sleep or leave the premises due to fire regulations.

9. Will there be showers? What about body odor?

There will be no public showers, and you are expected to keep fresh. You can and will be removed from the event if you are reported to smell bad. The common courtesy is to take a shower daily and wear loads of deodorant. (Please)

Expected to keep fresh - you can get kicked out for smelling bad. There must be some hard core participants for this event so I'm sure the Link Controller will get a serious work out.