Many of us at F5 and Oracle have been working hard to bring you The Oracle ARN, a collection of documents, best practices, and web pages that will help you to get the most out of your Oracle deployment in an F5 environment.

After much ado, we are pleased to announce the opening of the Oracle ARN web pages on DevCentral. Choose Oracle Solutions from the Docs menu on DevCentral, and you will find a wealth of information about configuration, optimization, and deployment of F5 gear in conjunction with Oracle.

We are particularly pleased to offer the Oracle/F5 SOA Blueprint, a twenty page document that gives you the ins and outs of implementing, securing, and optimizing SOA in an F5/Oracle environment. This document is unlike anything else out there today, giving you SOA-specific tips to make your network performance scream.

Also available are the JDeveloper version of the Java Wrappers, and the expertise of the Oracle specialists in the F5 Business Devalopment Team.

Over time, our coverage of this space will grow, and you, the users will generate your own helpful content to help each other stay on top of the daily needs of your jobs.

So pop on over an join us for some fun (and hopefully enlightening) conversation!