As you may have seen, we recently published the results of a performance test for BIG-IP. Some of the competitors covered in the test have been busy attempting to attack the credibility of the test, Broadband Testing, and F5.

When we defined the test, we embraced the "open kimono" policy. We have nothing to hide and have conducted all testing in a way that reflects how customers actually use this equipment. All configurations and test methodologies are published and readily available. This test is by far the most comprehensive of any ever undertaken in our industry. It is also the second that we've done as part of an ongoing effort. At the end of the day, no single test can reflect all the variables that customers encounter. That is why we are doing different types of tests to give customers all the information they need to make an informed decision.

Many of the tests performed by 3rd parties over time pick one dimension of performance and measure only that variable. These tests add very little value to a customer's decision process and have led many to simply dismiss these tests or at a minimum take them with a grain or sometimes a whole bag of salt.

We did something different and that is bound to cause a stir.