Ok, I had to post this one. You gotta love it when companies go the extra step to beef up their "Under Construction" page.

Well, today I was having problems logging into my bloglines account, when what did appear? The Bloglines Plumber er... Pirate.

It seems that bloglines is relocating into a new data center and they will be back online by 8:00pm PST December 20th. Man, if they still aren't completed with their move, then something went seriously wrong. Hopefully they are migrating to a Multi Data Center with the help of our BIG-IP Global Traffic Manager.

BTW, we've got a Midieval Knight here at F5, but no Pirates that I know about.

*Update* - It seems that they've updated this picture to that of a non-pirate plumber and removed the December 20th date. Maybe that was just an old page laying around. Looks like they not only need a Global Load Balancer, but a BIG-IP as well...