The DevCentral podcast has been a lot of fun and, from what I hear, it's becoming a fairly popular way to get the DevCentral inside scoop.  I've mentioned a number of things on recent podcasts, and here are the promised links to the details:

With iRules, you can...

GTM discussions in Adv Design/Config General Discussion forum:

Recent iRules wiki updates:

And last but not least: 

Stay tuned for a new Architecture class, soon to be offered by the F5 Networks Training department.  It's the answer to many an F5 enterprise administrator's request for a deeper dive into combining the high availability features built into F5 gear to architect highly resilient Application Delivery Networks. The course will be premiered sometime in the next couple of months, and I'll mention it again & post a link to the schedule when it's available.

You won't see me here or in the forums for a while, as I'm taking some time off starting in a couple of hours, returning a few days after Labor Day, so be safe out there, enjoy the rest of the summer,and I'll see you in September (cue the music...)