Podcast: 17 April 2008

My Tech Tip for this week:

LTM: Dueling Timeouts
Learn about setting appropriate connection timeout combinations for LTM.

Forums posts I mentioned:

GTM DNS responses not reflecting pool availability
Customer was getting “bad” answers from GTM, and 3 different responses gave excellent advice

comparison other than "equals" for text
Customer was looking for gt/lt alpha comparison, hoolio & joe jump in and progressively define a workable algorithm using switch -glob

A couple of notable wiki updates:

Updates to persist & session pages to include details from this article about braces & quotes & variable expansion:
iRules Optimization 101 - #4 - Delimiters: Braces, Brackets, Quotes and more

DCTV "Post of the Week":
LTM: Persistence & Pool Member State
Learn how LTM manages connections based on pool member state & persistence options.