Podcast: 3 April 2008

My Tech Tip for this week: LTM: Action on Service Down

Forums posts I mentioned:

scheduled service time for VS - want to put your virtual server in & out of maintenance mode ...by browsing to it? Check out this post

Email notification of node/vs down - hoolio anwers a series of questions about setting up notification by email when a pool member goes down

NAT/SNAT + routing order of operations - great question about when the various address translation options are applied to the traffic flows

Miscellany:  You might have heard me mention Toastmasters, and I really have gotten alot out of it, so I thought I might as well throw in a plug:

What is Toastmasters?   I recently re-joined Toastmasters when we chartered a company club at F5 HQ late last year.  They have a combined communication & leadership program (the communication part is the one most people know about).  It has helped me tremendously with the various communication aspects of my job:  podcasting, recording content, video interviews, presentations. The Toastmasters program has been recently expanded to focus more on developing leadership skills as well, such as organizing and coordinating meetings, inspiring others to contribute, and providing constructive feedback. I'd encourage you to check it out, find a club in your area or start one at your company.