In looking at my start menu, I realized I've accumulated a bunch of tools over the years that I use day to day to help make myself more productive. I figured I'd pass along the tools I use on a day to day basis (in no particular order).

  • TcpTrace - A HTTP Proxy to help me watch iControl traces.
  • SlickRun - A great little popup "Start.Run" replacement that allows for custom shortcut strings. For me a Win+Q+dc+enter will take me to DevCentral!
  • w.bloggar - A win32 blogging client with connectivity to all the major blogging services.
  • Console 2.00 beta - A tabbed command prompt replacement with customization for multiple shells.
  • ScITE - A notepad.exe replacement with built-in colorization for all the major development languages.
  • FileZilla - A ftp/sftp/scp file transfer program. Great for batch uploading those DC video clips to DevCentral!
  • iTunes - Can't start the day without my daily podcast feeds?
  • Putty - A great little telnet/ssh terminal app.
  • TeraTerm Pro Web - I mainly use this for my terminal console to my BIG-IPs, but it does have telnet/ssh2 capabilities as well.
  • VIM - Vi IMprovded! For the die-hard command line geek that I am.
  • Skype - You all know what Skype is. Call me sometime...
  • FoxIT PDF Reader - Sick of Adobe Reader having to load 60 plugins to read a simple document? Me to... I found this app from Scott Hanselman and haven't looked back since.
  • Windows Media Encoder - A great free screen capture utility that I used to encode the iRuler Editor Tutorials

I'm sure there are more but these are ones that I use almost daily. What tools do you use to help make you more productive?


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