We kicked off our first Partner Summit yesterday here at F5 and I got to do some booth time at our evening event. DevCentral had a double center table and we were shooting some videos for DCTV so be on the lookout in the near future for some new additions. As an incentive (as if we needed to give one B-)), we gave away an iPod Video to one lucky partner who gave us some footage. To the winner: you'll have to make sure you hook yourself up to DCTV

After our booth time, we had a half hour to listen to some DJ'ing, eat some buffet food, and drink a few beers. Then the main act hit the stage. I've been a long time fan of the Presidents of the United States of America, but have never seen them live. And, nothing can replace being 5 feet away right in front of the stage, what an awesome show! We had the opportunity to meet with the band after the show and what a great bunch of guys. They were very down to earth and just cool to talk about. I was evesdropping on Dan talking to their guitbass-ist Andrew McKaeg about the origins of their guitbass and basitar. It's amazing the great sounds they got out of a total of 5 strings!

Anyway, thanks for the great show guys, we really enjoyed it!


[Listening to: Naked and Famous - The Presidents Of The United States Of America - Presidents Of The United States of America (3:42)]