I was having some windows trouble yesterday so I started cleaning up some utilities I didn't think I was using and subsequently broke my python installation.  As I was contemplating what I needed to do to "fix the glitch" (one of my favorite Office Space quotes) it occurred to me as I've been walking through pyControl in a series of tech tips that I have not been testing my code on platforms other than windows.  So today, I'm 199788304_9edc3f9fba making the break.  Here on out, if it's not Visual Studio or Powershell, it will not be done in a windows environment.  I may test it on windows to give it a thumbs up, but all non .NET development will be on Linux going forward.

Now that I have that off my chest...what do you recommend?  I was using Eric4 on windows before breaking it.  I've heard good things about SPE, Geany, & Gedit.  I would like to setup an environment with syntax highlighting, versioning, console, and a GUI designer.

BTW, wanted to give Tux an opportunity to show off one of my childhood homes.  OK, I didn't live in the tower (how could you sleep), but I lived in a town down the road called Livorno.  Good times.