Along with all of the informative articles, tutorials & blog entries posted in the past week, there have been so many great contributions to the various CodeShares that I wanted to take a sec to point them out.




PingExternalClass NEW! - This example shows how to force a reload of an external data group.

InitializeRule NEW! - This iControl sample will force the re-initialization of an iRule.

(These 2 contributions by Joe will come in really handy if you need to update an iRule or external class using iControl.)




CacheNoPOST NEW! - Disable RAMcache for POST request responses (If you're using LTM's RAMcache feature & your servers don't mark non-cacheable POST responses  appropriately, this iRule is for you.)

CipherStrengthPoolSelection NEW! - Select a pool based on the client's encryption level.

HTTPRequestThrottle NEW! - iRule to throttle HTTP request rate by client IP.  (Thanks to kirkbauer for this one!)

LimitConnectionsFromClient UPDATED! - These iRules limit the number of TCP connections to a virtual server from a given client address.  (An oldie but goodie, but I just noticed this one was updated by hkohn a while back to add a second example with a whitelist & logging of rejected connections.)



Advanced Design & Config - External Monitors

HTTPMonitor_cURL_ProbeTimeout NEW! - HTTP monitor that enforces a "probe timeout".  (If your servers must respond very quickly (<5 seconds) to receive load balanced connections, this monitor allows you to force a very short response time, but still run the monitor at a reasonable interval.)

MySQLMonitor NEW! - Verify the health of MySQL servers.

SuperHTTPMonitor NEW! - Advanced HTTP Monitor (Allows you to specify & evaluate just about any HTTP request you might need to validate your webservers' health. Thanks to kirkbauer for this one as well!)

DHCPMonitor NEW! - Verify the health of load balanced DHCP services (Yet another kirkbauer contribution -- boy, he's hot this week!)



Advanced Design & Config - EM Templates

(The Enterprise Manager templates in the CodeShare have been updated for EM v1.4.1, which allows inclusion of meta-data to make it easier to manage templates & changesets, and also now include working links to the F5 Deployment Guides upon which they are based.)

EMTemplateMSExchange7CA_ActiveSync UPDATED! - EM template for deploying Microsoft Exchange 7 Client Access ActiveSync services

EMTemplateMSExchange7CA_IMAP4 UPDATED! - EM template for deploying Microsoft Exchange 7 Client Access IMAP4 services

EMTemplateMSSharepoint7_SSL UPDATED! - EM template for deploying Microsoft Sharepoint 7 with LTM providing SSL acceleration