In the darkened back rooms of F5, and in the far reaches of Missouri and a basement in Wisconsin, we on the DevCentral Team have been slaving away at cooking you up some new and exciting content.

“What do you mean, our site is slow?” Joe asks.

“Ever tried to access a North American site from China?” the voice on the phone asks, “Everything is slow.”

And there was our dilemma, in a nutshell. Our China team wanted their own localized version of DevCentral, we wanted to provide it to them, but we couldn’t afford a huge investment, indeed, this project was a complete surprise – no budget other than what we could scrape together, no place on anyone’s schedule, but requiring the involvement of several already-overstretched teams…

And we did what you might expect of us, saw the silver lining. “This is the stuff that our users go through every day,” said Jeff. So we grabbed some video cameras off of Amazon, and started taping our conversations, our meetings, our “Oh Wow” moments, all of it.

Today we release the trailer for your viewing enjoyment, and once a week from now until we’re done you’ll be getting new episodes. This is a series about people doing what they’d never done before, about a dispersed (both politically and geographically) team pulling together to achieve a goal that all agreed was important to the company. It’s a show that explains the problems you’re likely to see if you try to serve in China and teaches a lot about Web Application Acceleration, because you learn while we do. From the experts here at F5 that told us how it could help. And you’ll learn about the other options for achieving the same goal, and why we opted not to use them.

The series tagline captures the essence the best…

Real People. Real Solutions. Real IT.

Check out the trailer here: RealIT homepage

See you on the Tube!