Product description

The Preview 1 release adds user and account management features to F5 DNS Cloud Service. In this release, F5 Cloud Services expands the way that users and organizations interact. By adding layers of user management features within an organization hierarchy, F5 Cloud Services lays the groundwork to provide the flexibility that F5 customers expect for handling services, users, and role-based access.


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New features

Organization and user account management

  • You can associate multiple users to an organization
  • Organization owners can use email addresses to invite users to join their organization

User roles

  • Any user can have a role
  • Different organizations and divisions can define user roles uniquely


  • You can subdivide an organization into divisions
  • Divisions can have their own associated service configurations





DNS query count is inconsistent with the backend in the API and GUI


If a user clicks the "Back" button after getting the zone file for a new DNS zone, the zone fails to deploy


Subscription succeeds even when the zone transfer fails

Known issues       

The following table describes known issues for which resolutions are in development and will be available in a future release. If a known workaround exists, that information appears in the Notes column with additional information about the issue itself.





[Account Management] Creating a user without an associated account causes problems in the UI

You cannot create a user that does not have an associated account. A resolution is in development to make this condition a requirement.


Limited/Privileged user can invite limited/privileged users to the owner’s account

Currently, a user who is not the account owner, also known as a limited or privileged user, can invite another non-owner user to an account. The expected result is that only an account owner can invite users to their account.


Invited existing user cannot confirm invitation via UI if email contains '+'

Currently, if an email address contains certain special characters, such as a plus sign (+), the user who has that email address cannot accept an invitation to join an account, because the system replaces + with a space, which makes the email address invalid. The resolution, when available, will encode special characters like this one in an email address to prevent this issue.


AXFR intermittently fails when multiple master servers are configured for the subscription

You can provide multiple DNS servers for a DNS subscription. F5 DNS Cloud Service then tries to transfer the zone to each master server in the list sequentially. Currently, zone transfer (AXFR) might fail if F5 DNS Cloud Service encounters a master server IP address that is invalid or points to a server on which the DNS service is not running.


Phone number cannot be updated

Currently, when a user edits a phone number and then clicks “Save,” the API PUT request submits the old phone number. 


Deploy button should be enabled only after the zone file has been acquired correctly

Currently, an improperly created zone might display an enabled “Deploy” button, but you cannot deploy the zone. The resolution, when available, will ensure that only a deployable zone displays an enabled “Deploy” button.   


Number of zones in DNS services is summarized when a user switches between different accounts

The number of zones that appears on the dashboard might display an incorrect count when the user switches between accounts using the account selection drop-down menu. As a temporary workaround, reload the page to display the correct count.  


Portal can get into a redirect loop when attempting to log in [intermittent]

It is possible that when you log into the F5 Cloud Services portal, a blank page and JavaScript console errors might appear instead of the expected dashboard.


Phone number cannot include the country code

If you sign up with a phone number that includes your country, for example “1 (206) 555-1212” or “+12065551212”, the system truncates the phone number at the first 10 digits, losing the final digit.


Phone number validation error during user information modification

When you make any changes to the information about a user (other than the phone number), such as changing the address, a “Please provide a valid phone number” error message appears.


IPv6 address returns an error on short notation

Currently, when you use the abbreviated form of an IP address, an error occurs.






An organization is the top level of your service hierarchy. When you create a new account on F5 Cloud Services, you define your organization. You own this organization. 


A role is a predefined set of permissions that control what actions a user in your organization or division can perform, such as creating divisions, adding or removing services, and modifying the existing configuration.


A division is a part of an organization. You can create as many divisions as you want within an organization. For example, you might create divisions that correspond to your company's geographic sales regions.


Contacting F5 Cloud Services


(206) 272-6888


(206) 272-6802




Additional information

You can find additional support resources and technical documentation through a variety of sources: