I read an interesting discussion on SOAP and addressing over at The 90th Percentile this morning. While the post was definitely stimulating and worthy of debate, what caught my eye was actually a comment from a reader.  

Ignacio Coloma said...

You can choose between EJB3 (a standard) or spring (a de facto standard) for your business layer, but REST is neither. Unarguably better than using WS, but it's just an acronym for "doing it my way".
Politically speaking, it's hard to convince the PHB that "roll my own solution" is the way to go, while there are no clear winners in the REST arena. On the other hand, REST do not have an equivalent of WSDL as an interface between teams; in order to call my REST interface you must first read my docs or use a library I provide for, say, Java. [emphasis added]

This caught my eye because it's not technically accurate. As a matter of fact, REST does have an equivalent in the WSDL 2.0 specification through HTTP Binding. HTTP Binding supports REST methods, and allows for the description of RESTful resources within a WSDL quite well.


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