I have returned from my two week hiatus.  One of those weeks was spent entirely unplugged - no BlackBerry, no laptop, no Internet, and no television.  For a person whose job depends on the Internet and web applications spending a week without any sort of connectivity wasn't easy but was very worth it.  The first few days were fine it wasn't until I hit Thursday that I really started craving connectivity.  A number of people started asking me what I thought of the final Presidential debate and I had no ideas.   I did manage to resist the urge and the BlackBerry remained off until Sunday. 

One discovery I made during the hiatus was that the BlackBerry had trouble delivering all of my queued email messages.  I was slightly confused at our sales conference when people were asking me about emails that I had never seen.  Turns out approximately 100 emails from the beginning of the week never made it to my BlackBerry.  Not sure if this was a volume issue where there were too many emails to deliver (300 queued emails) or if this was some other technical glitch.  I did try to mitigate the number of emails that would need to sync by applying rules to send emails from various distribution lists to special folders (this eliminated about 500 emails). 

Tomorrow I will be resuming the Acceleration ABCs with the letter 'H'.