A couple of articles that have come out in the last week or so got me to pondering the current state of IT Management mentality, and it is somewhat amusing, if you think it through. We’re risk-averse where all imageevidence indicates we don’t need to be, and we’re cutting edge, risk aware but not averse, where all evidence says we should be treading with caution. The curious thing to me is that all of this is happening at once, and we’re okay with it.

The first article that brought this to my attention was published on The Register about Enterprise Storage, and talks about an enterprise storage guy who is discussing how his organization will only use a few top- of-the-line storage vendors, and how up-and-coming solutions have almost no chance of getting in the door of his enterprise.

The second article comes compliments of Network Computing and discusses a failure of a cloud provider, and is another IT person talking about how their cloud-based provider failed them and failed to resolve their issues in a timely manner.


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