I've long been a fan of Tobi Oetiker's RRDTool.  It's fun to play with on its own, but it's also the basis for many open-source management platforms, and for some it's a component of a much larger platform.  Heck, it's everywhere...it's even baked into the BIG-IP performance graphs.  I've used it for many years and for many different purposes, but it intersected with my F5 world a few years back when I needed more granular views into the data than the BIG-IP graphs provided and my very expensive commercial tools didn't support the indexed mibs at the time.  My RRDTool front-end of choice was Cacti, mostly because a member of the DevCentral community, tgravvold, posted a set of graph templates for the F5 BIG-IP.  I can't help but wonder what everyone out there in the community is using, and where our efforts here at DevCentral would best be served on the management front.  So with that in mind, could you help the community out and provide some feedback?



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Any additional information, goodies you want to drop, please comment below.  Thanks all!