I had a great time in San Francisco last week seeing and interviewing many of our security partners.  Special thanks goes out to Jerry Skurla and Kara Hutchins of NitroSecurity, Chris Poulin with Q1 Labs, Jeremiah Grossman of WhiteHat Security, F5’s Andy Oehler, Benny Czarny and Steven Ginn from OPSWAT and Steve Dispensa of PhoneFactor.  We covered a whole range of topics including token less multi-factor authentication, USB key checkers, BIG-IP Edge Client on iPad, WASC, XSS attacks, OWASP, SIEM, incident response, security reporting, integration and more.  I seem to get lucky at RSA since I was able to again interview many of the respective company’s C-level folks and truly appreciate their time and involvement. 

What’s become a tradition after a week of video interviews is my Blooper Reel.  There are always outtakes from any video shoot and while they usually end up on the cutting room floor, I like sharing many of the behind-the-scenes flubs since some are actually humorous.  I’ve also included a little homage to Robot Chicken if you are a fan.  Enjoy.