DevCentral community user mkelly kicked in some excellent Ruby contributions a while back with some scripts that Colin wrapped  some documentation around in an article series back in January:

This week, another community member, josb, contributed a SOAP4R wrapper for iControl.  I'm not familiar at all with Ruby, but I downloaded the windows version of the language (sorry Colin), installed the SOAP4R gem, and tried out josb's scripts.  Here's one example:


#!/usr/bin/env ruby# vim:expandtab shiftwidth=2 softtabstop=2require 'f5'Kernel.abort "Usage: #{$0} endpoint [poolname ...]" if ARGV.empty?hostname, *pools = ARGVlb = = pools.empty? ? lb.pools : {|pool|, pool)}pools.each do |pool|  members = lb.pool(pool).members  puts "Pool #{}: " + {|member| "#{member.address}:#{member.port}"}.join(', ')endexit


And of course, the (sanitized) output:

Pool pool3:,,
Pool pool2:,,
Pool pool1:,,
Pool gateway_pool:
Pool cacti_ssh_rd1:,
Pool pool1_rd1:,,

Not too shabby!  Thanks, josb, for sharing with the community!  And community, josb is soliciting feedback, so please post if you want to assist in expanding / improving the project.


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