I took a trip up to Tofino, British Columbia last weekend. It's on the west coast of Vancouver Island and is a really neat place to visit if you ever get the chance. I spent the time with friends and family whale watching (there are lots of humpbacks there right now). One of them breached right next to our boat - that was pretty exciting! One of my sons was using our digital camera and made everyone laugh when he said "Daddy, I'm going to delete this picture because I only got the tail".

We also saw a sunfish. It is a pretty strange looking fish that feeds on jelly fish and floats on its side about a foot below the surface to absorb the rays from the sun. Apparently they aren't that common to see. Lots of seals, sea lions and otters were around too.

The second day we went salmon fishing. We caught a bunch of fish - the largest was 30 pounds. We also saw more whales and our guide said that there was likely an orca cruising around that spooked the fish away for about 30 minutes. When one other boat pulled a fish with a big bite mark in it, that confirmed the guide's suspicion. We used Weigh West for both the whale watching and fishing. We were really happy with them. "Pipot" was awesome for whale watching and Bjorn was a delight for fishing.

If you're into surfing there is lots to be had there. Only downside is that you'll need a head to toe wet suit. Since I spend a lot of time in the water when I attempt to surf, I decided to wait for warmer water before I give it a go again.

Try out the SOBO (Sophisticated Bohemian) restaurant while you're there.  The food is great and the gardens and play areas built into the forest are really worth seeing.