Telecom companies want Congress to hand over the keys to the internet, and let them decide what the public gets to see, hear and use.

Maybe you've heard of the fight for Network Neutrality, maybe you haven't. But if you're someone that uses the internet even a little, then you should know what it is, and what's going on in Washington right now. You can read about the horrendous encroachment on our rights that is trying to be passed into law in many places, here are a couple.

Basically what this amounts to is the telecom companies wanting to grab control of the internet at large. They want to be able to dictate what people can see, how fast they can see it, and make sure that their own services are better, faster and more easily available. Not to mention the ridiculous amounts of money they stand to make if they can force the Internet's large service providers (Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, craigslist, eBay, etc., etc., etc.) to pay premium fees, at any rate they desire, to be even viewable by their customers, let alone fast.

"The Internet does not exist without net neutrality." It couldn't be more true. This article has some great comparisons, and points to think about.

What if there weren't such a thing as neutral treatment of other services. Software, for example. What if AMD and Intel decided they're going to make any software company that wants to be run over their architecture pay a premium, or be stifled into obsoleteness by being run at sub-optimal levels? Why do they get to determine what you can and can't run on your PC? All of a sudden we're looking at a marketplace that is tailored to whichever Internet Companies are willing to pay the highest extortion rates to the telecom companies that are holding their content hostage, and refusing to allow subscribers to view it unless their demands are met.

Yeah, I know it sounds like a bad Western, but it's dangerously close to sliding from the realm of horrifying and ridiculous fiction, into blood curdling reality. If Google and Microsoft are joining forces to fight this thing, you know it has to be bad. They're not alone, either. Joining them are Yahoo, eBay, Amazon, Craigslist...they're all making themselves heard. Even Intel is weighing in to say that this should not stand.

Is your representative aware of your opinion that the net should remain a tool for the masses? If not, I'd recommend you tell them...and fast.

Code hard(and free),