This topic was an easy one. While we have many DevCentral members around the world that probably don't care much about the SuperBowl, many in the U.S. are setting their sites on Sunday for the annual TV, junk food, and beer/soda binge. This year is particularly exciting for many of us at F5 HQ since F5 is based in Seattle (btw - this map shows where the DevCentral team sits). The Seahawks, after more than 20 dismal years of underwhelming seasons, are in the big game. Despite being the best team in the NFC this season (to the cynics that question the difficulty of their schedule, I can only ask: who beat the "tough NFC East Teams" and others including Dallas, New York, Philly, Washington, and Carolina?!?!), the Seahawks are being portrayed as the underdog to the storied Pittsburgh Steelers.

So - here's the question: what do you think? Post your predictions below... (don't worry - Steeler votes won't be held against you ;-). And, include your guess at the final score. We'll then check out the predictions after the game and determine the "Official DevCentral Best Guesser".

BTW - as a sidenote, I was in the U.K. last year visiting our F5 Europe team during the SuperBowl. I was blown away by how much TV coverage existed for pregame and postgame commentary. What was particularly funny were the two TV guys offering decidely humorous, uninformed analysis of the event. I dig football and probably watch the games with way too much intensity. But, it was really cool to see this grand event from a completely different point of view! Unfortunately, Google let me down. If anyone has details about these guys and a link to them, let me know!