Slave is a financial malware written in visual basic. It was first seen around March 2015 and has undergone a significant evolution. Slave conducts its attack by hooking the Internet browser functions and manipulating their code for various fraudulent activities. This manipulation can be used for fraudulent activities such as credentials theft, identity theft, IBAN swapping and fraudulent fund transfers.

Two weeks before the discovery of ‘Slave’, the F5 research team analyzed an unknown malware variant that was used for swapping IBAN numbers – a technique used by fraudsters to swap the destination account number before a funds transfer takes place. Static analysis has shown a strong relationship between the two malware samples, implying that ‘Slave’ started out with a simple IBAN swap capability and later advanced to more advanced capabilities such as persistency and Zeus-style webinjects.





If you want to deep-dive into the ‘Slave’ internals click here to read the full technical Malware Analysis Report by F5 SOC.